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Lye? Isn't that dangerous?

Yes, lye on its own can be dangerous. However ALL, soap contains lye. You cannot make soap without lye. However, just like you'll never find the eggs you put in that cake recipe once it's baked, the lye no longer exists in the soap in the same form it used to. In order to avoid the scary word "lye" on their ingredients lists, a lot of companies who make soap will say "Saponified oils of..." or "Sodium Tallowate," "Sodium Olivate," or "Sodium Cocoate," which are simply the chemical names for tallow, olive oil, or coconut oil after they have reacted with the lye (been saponified.)

I prefer to maintain as much transparency in my ingredients lists as possible, so I do list the lye separately. It has completely reacted with the oils, and what is left is a wonderful, gentle soap that will cleanse without stripping the natural oils from your skin.